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A message from our CEO

J. Gregory Howard

"I have spent the better part of my life dedicated to what I love - Family, friendships, and business. I have often said family is life's most valued assets and friendships are one of the greatest gifts of life.

To say I have been blessed with a wealth of these gifts is an understatement.

The relationships I have been privileged enough to watch blossom over the years and the employees that partner with J. Gregory Group are the heart and sole of this firm and are what make every day worth while.


To that end, my personal commitment to you is that every member of the J. Gregory Group team, including myself, will work diligently, honestly, and with the utmost integrity for you.. our clients. I have worked very hard to ensure that each one of our employees embrace the vision that this company was founded on so that we can not only properly serve our clients but also our families, friendships, and community.


I believe that always pushing, striving, and driving to be your very best is the greatest thing a human can do."

From our family to yours.

JG Howard

ps. Should you, for any reason feel that we have under-performed or not met your expectations in any way... I encourage you to contact me directly at

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